15th Mar 2015

A Boat Shoe Thats Hard To Beat

Boat shoes, boat shoes, boats shoes, let’s face it, they have been all people have been talking about for a while now. So, we think it’s safe to say that boat shoes are here to stay, and that Sperry top-siders are all the rage. With their patented design, made to withstand both wet and warm weather, slippery ground, and long treks, all while offering a comfort that can’t seem to be matched in the boat shoe arena, these shoes are perfect for just about anything. From walking on California beaches, and exploring the sea, to cold winter storms, and walking across college campuses of the world, Sperry Top-Siders seems to conquer them all, not to mention with grace!

Because the Sperry topsider was designed for men at sea, the shoe is perfectly equipped to block water, and withstand a heavy beating. For those of us with land legs, this proves especially helpful when it comes to the extreme weather changes that even Arkansas seems to face. The leather works well to wick away water without damaging the sleek exterior of the shoes, while the traction packed soles help wears keep their balance against all odds. Making the Sperry topsider a tough shoe to match, let alone beat on the boat shoe market!

We say it’s time to get comfortable, and get with it. The boat she trend is here to stay, and you aren’t going to find a better version than the Sperry Top-Sider. Let Alan Martin’s be your guide to comfort. Start shopping today for all your boat shoe needs!