30th Mar 2015

Avoid These Footwear Faux-Pas!

Whether you're at the mall, on campus, or just out and about, it's likely that you see quite a few footwear mistakes throughout your day. While we're all about independence and wearing what makes you feel good, we're also about educating the modern woman on the do's and don'ts of basic footwear. While wearing your women's Sperry sandals and cute cuffed jeans is all the rage this year, we suggest leaving those crocs behind. Check out this list and make sure you’re not making these fashion faux-pas!

1. Crocs. They're not as much of a fad as they first were when they came out but they're still around enough to top our list of fashion shoe faux-pas. No matter how comfortable they may be, you look quite silly trekking around in these shoes. Opt for some comfy boots or flats instead!

2. Socks with sandals. This fad is becoming big again and we're shaking our head. You’re defeating the breathability of sandals by wearing socks with them. Plus, imagine if you get caught in the rain – there go your socks! Socks aren’t supposed to be seen outside of your shoes!

3. Too much bling. I know there’s a fad out about rhinestone shoes, but you don’t want to blind people by the amount of bling on your shoes.

4. UGGs in the summer. There's no way your feet aren't sweating in those UGG boots.

5. Flip flops in the winter. No matter how quickly you plan to run to the store and back, we highly suggest that you don't do it in flip flops. You also look like you haven’t checked the weather or noticed the snowflakes falling from the sky.