Photo op with Aliza!

12th Aug 2020

Photo op with Aliza!

We are excited to announce we have sat down with one of our very own models to get the inside scoop about the best poses for the best pictures!

The look:

Your look is completely up to you. You should always dress, do your hair and do your makeup just the way you like it! This way you will feel the most comfortable and confident!

We've attached a picture featuring Aliza's fave poses! 

1. When sitting:

There are two main points to sitting pics and the first is sit up straight! This way you will be able to see your clothes & face! The second point Aliza suggest is you can always cross your ankles if you are unsure of how to place your feet!

2. When standing:

It is a good idea when taking standing pictures to point your toes and bend a leg! Standing to the side is usually comfortable and flattering. Again make sure to stand up straight and lift your head to eliminate unwanted shadows and to create neck definition! If you are standing to the front you should put one leg slightly more forward than the other and place one hand on the thigh of the forward leg and the other hand can rest by your side.

3. Using props:

When using props you should have fun with it. You want to make sure you always have visible hands. One great thing about using props in your pictures is you don't have to worry about what to do with your hands! Aliza suggest seasonal decor and or cups make for the best picture props!

4. For the clothes:

If you are taking pics to show off your amazing style Aliza has some great tips for you. When showing off your cardigans you will want to hold each front sides to draw attention to the cardi. It is similar when showing off your Tee shirts, you will want to hold the shirt out where the graphic ends so that it will pop! Aliza's last tip on how to show off your clothes is about your favorite jeans! You will want to keep the focus on the jeans by wearing shorter tops that do not flow over them and by making sure to get each angle of the jeans in multiple pictures! 

Thanks to these amazing tips from Aliza we know your pictures will be fabulous! Remember to always be you in your pictures and they will be perfect!